Shermannsixk Design now proudly supply hobby material for various kind of purposes. Our newly develop product is Proto Clay, Epo6 Clay and Proto Cast Material which will be available soon in individual package of 500g.

Proto Clay
Briefly Proto Clay is a Solid Modelling Clay that soft enough to be sculpt using conventional tools in order to prototype any physical design shape. Upon modelling process, it can be manipulate into liquid stage, clay stage and solid stage by expose the material to heat.

Proto clay enable one to finish and perfecting their model as plug for mold making or as a final product that can hold the shape, design and details feature. Eventually Proto Clay can go through various process of machining, sanding, drill, brush, sculpt, cut, slice, weld and this make Proto Clay as one of a kind modelling material and can behave as a plug, mold or even product.

These are few prototype of the proto clay and its initial sculpt.

Epo6 Clay

While Proto Clay is a softer material, Epo6 Clay is one another epoxy based clay that harden itself with combination of 2 part of clay. Once mix, both part will react each other permitting one to manipulate the clay within 2 or 3 hours enough for them to perfect each lump of combined clay into the desired shape. It also took a while for perfection before available to the market. While that, these are various initial design produced using these Epo6 Clay.

Proto Cast 
Once model complete using either Epo6 or Proto Clay, they can be directly produce by copying them using silicone or resin based mold. Final Product can be copy by using these Proto Clay. Proto Clay is a Polyester based material in liquid form and need to be catalyst and pour into mould to get the product. Below is few example of product made of these Proto Cast.

So for those who approach me before through pm, fb, email etc on how i do such thing as fibreglass, costume, model, action figure, casting etc. This might be the answer.



Selalu takde masa nak update Blog sebab sibuk dengan pelbagai hal kehidupan tapi kegiatan aku semakin bertambah banyak. Disini aku preview beberapa siri kesibukan yang aku jalani sepanjang mendiamkan diri dari arena blogging.

tidak cukup dengan itu aku juga melibatkan diri dengan pelbagai permintaan pelanggan untuk menghasilkan action figure, produk fibreglass dan casting item seperti fridge magnet, ukiran sabun, mould coklat dan sebagainya. Akhirnya hidupku menjadi bertambah sibuk disamping tugasan harian.

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